The Story Atlas
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the heart & story of it


Create screenplays of depth, magnetism and audacity


The Story Atlas was created in New York City to lead writers past technical know-how & into a realm of STORY intelligence & MAGNETISM.

For both new & experienced screenwriters & filmmakers, & novelists adapting their books into films.

Become a member of Emma’s inner circle. Pitch me your story. Join in live group discussions about your story, character, log line, premise, thematic hook and any other screenwriting questions you need answering. Yo-5.png
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Over more than ten years consulting on screenplays for Oscar and BAFTA-nominated producers, writers and directors, Emma refined and adapted THE STORY ATLAS to lead writers toward emotional depth, complexity and transformation in their work.

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Earn your once upon a time


It’s challenging to teach good story instinct. Technical screenplay classes offer plot points, page margins and formulaic beats, but often miss out on those majestic realms where story breaks through and shines….


Emma created the Story Atlas to inspire storytellers to dance on their edge, giving their characters greater intensity and their stories more insight. This results in more meaningful, masterful and moving films.


“Your protagonist must encounter such an unbearable situation that she is forced to transform vertically; she comes to a place where story wraps around her shadow and wound, so that the only way through is with radical transformation.”

The Story Atlas

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Atlas: (late 16th c.)

Originally denoting a person who supported a great burden.


The word ‘atlas’ derives from the Titan of Greek mythology who supported the heavens (and whose picture appeared at the front of early atlases).

In The Story Atlas we see our protagonist as carrying a great burden on both a plot and emotional level. By connecting your character’s story quest with their deepest wounds you infuse your writing with the sort of resonance and depth that makes a brilliant film.

To make films means to answer them
— Jean Luc Godard