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Master Myth & Story

Emersive Myth & Story Edutainment

From psychology to screenwriting, from philosophy to sales, a mastery of Myth & Story empowers our work and empowers our lives.

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StoryAtlas is your mentor, sextant, and almanac 

Cross the threshold, retrieve the elixir, and redeem the wasteland. Explore our full course library with content from the top scholars in the field of Myth & Story. 

Working Tools

A StoryAtlas is a narrative driven course on top of a resource center with assignments designed to support creative processes and narrative outlining. The absence of this integration in traditional education has led us to sideline resources, forget courses and leave without tools. Our courses are designed around giving you tools to keep and introduce you to resources for continued learning while offering the everpresent guidance of asynchronous course material. 

Course, Resource & Tool


Narrative Coursework

Entertainment has shifted from episodic installments to carefully crafted arcs, and so too should our education. By building our courses around narrative, we transform education into a journey. 

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Question-Driven Learning

When a student asks and answers a question, they retain and integrate their lessons. Instead of the traditional model in which students passively consume  information, StoryAtlas presents options and depths with resources, hyperlinks and unique assignments designed to invite student agency. 

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Gamified Edutainment

Traditional Learning Management Systems induce anxiety and shut down. By building around aesthetic considerations, elegance of design, principles of entertainment and the basics of gamification, we seek to transform education into fun and fulfilling journeys.

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Embark on a journey

to explore the deepest context of humanity, culture, and yourself

Why StoryAtlas?

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Learn from computers!

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Master the art of storytelling

From cave paintings to feature films, storytelling is one of the most powerful tools humanity has created.

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