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Adamo Method


Molly Maloof, MD

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Molly Maloof, MD
Dr. Molly Maloof founded Adamo Bioscience in 2021.

She is an expert in health optimization and has been practicing personalized concierge medicine for over 11 years. She is a pioneer in longevity medicine, digital health technologies, psychedelic medicine, and science-backed wellness interventions and services. Her groundbreaking book, "The Spark Factor," enlightens seekers about the first principles of health and wellness. For three years she taught a course on healthspan in the Wellness Department of the Medical School at Stanford University before launching Adamo Bioscience.

As the founder and CEO of Adamo Bioscience, she aims to demonstrate that human connection is measurable, modifiable, and a key factor in healing. Molly is at the forefront of bringing modern sex and psychedelic education to the masses and creating products and services centered around the science of love.

Aaron Michael
Aaron Michael is a seasoned sex coach and author committed to empowering people and couples to lead enriching and fulfilling sex lives.

His expertise lies in the Aaron Michael Method, a psychosomatic system that harmonizes mental and physical arousal systems to overcome dysfunction and optimize pleasure. Through embodiment practices, Aaron helps individuals and couples relieve pain, awaken numbness, and heighten orgasmic experiences. He addresses emotional blocks, transforming them into joy, relaxation, connection, and excitement.

Aaron's mentorship focuses on moving individuals towards secure attachment styles, cultivating intimate relationships, and improving overall sexual well-being.
Saida Desilets, Ph.D

Saida Désilets is an international advocate for conscious, integrated sexuality, illuminating the path to reconnect with essential sensual energy.

Saida's approach embraces the psychological and physiological aspects of sexuality. Her central promise revolves around supporting individuals on their journey of erotic individuation, empowering them to understand and explore their sexual sovereignty. With 12 sub-premises, the Désilets Method activates erotic intelligence while fostering direct experiences of embodied sexuality.

Saida's mentorship transcends age, body types, mindsets, and cultural backgrounds, creating an inclusive and empowering journey towards desire, arousal, pleasure, emotional stability, and healthy relationship dynamics.

Deeper intimacy and transformative sex with the science of human connection.

Sex is so much more than just the union of our body parts.

And yet, an astonishingly large number of people only know how to have masturbatory or performative intercourse. Some are so disconnected from their bodies, pleasure, and sensuality that they are completely detached from what happens during sex. And those who seek help often end up in traditional sex therapies. Those therapies are largely outdated, as they don’t even address how to create unapologetic pleasure through sex itself. Aspects like breathing, hip movement, and emotional attunement can catapult this physical union into a transformative sexual experience for everyone involved.

Adamo Bioscience is in the process of changing that.

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