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Climate Bootcamp


Climate Reality

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The Climate Bootcamp is led by thought leaders, professors, politicians, activists and filmmakers. Full teacher credits can be found here:

Framing the Challenges & Strategies

Today's environmental crisis threatens to upset the balance between humans and nature.  What does it take to create effective action within your organization?

MISSION: Enable individuals to create a transformative moment, within their sphere of influence, surrounding the environmental crisis.

VISION: Encouraging individual and organizational action will result in the large scale changes needed for effective action during our climate crisis

SELF PACED: Start learning right away! This self-paced course allows you to work through sessions and build your personal action plan at any time.

JOIN THOUSANDS of sustainability leaders and start learning strategies, formulating plans and enabling sustainability efforts within your organization.

NETWORK: Small virtual discussions elevate your learning and provide a medium to share your plans, and network with likeminded individuals. See upcoming virtual networking events

DEVELOP A PLAN: Create a step-by-step personal action plan. Identify sustainability strategies you can apply at your business or organization

PROFIT & SUCCEED: Gain access to strategies and technologies that have proven to be profitable and successful

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Cross the threshold, retrieve the elixir, and redeem the wasteland. Explore our full course library with content from the top scholars in the field of Myth & Story. 

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