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Inside Story


Dara Marks

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Dara Marks is a leading international script consultant who has specialized in the analysis of the modern screenplay for the past two decades. Creative Screenwriting Magazine has consistently rated her one of the top script consultants in the film industry. Her advice has been sought on a wide variety of films and television programs, and her clients range from beginning and apprentice screenwriters to top studio writers and executives.

Dara is the author of an exciting new book on screenwriting - INSIDE STORY: The Power of the Transformational Arc. In it she reveals her innovative process that helps writers maintain the artistic integrity of their vision throughout the development of their story. Her unique workshops and seminars are drawing national and international praise.

"In the beginning there was Syd Field. Then came McKee and Vogler. Now there is Dara Marks."
Creative Screenwriting Magazine, 2008 Review of Inside Story

Our Inside Story workshop will soon be available to you as a fully interactive course - instantly, online, from your own corner of the planet. Whether you’re just starting out or have years of writing experience, this 10-hour course will enhance your ability to bring your creative vision to life. In addition to my own innovative training on the transformational arc of character and how to deepen the thematic core of your story while crafting a formidable structure, I’ve teamed up with Deb Norton, a truly inspirational writing teacher and coach. Deb will guide you through hands-on exercises that will help capture the wild new thing that is struggling to make its way into the world through your own creative expression.

Deb and I are proud and excited to bring you this inspiring new course which will be available in early 2022. We'd love for you to be among the first to receive it, so please sign up here to get information on our release date and a special 20% discount when you purchase.

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