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Journey of Western Thought


Will Linn, Ph.D.

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Will Linn, Hosts the television series, Myths: The Greatest Mysteries of Humanity, for ZDF, Sky and the History Channel. As a creative mythologist, Will is a story producer, consultant, host, scholar, educator and entrepreneur. As the founding chair of the General Education Department at Hussian College in Los Angeles Center Studios, Will has been one of the key creators of an innovative film school that has been ranked among the world’s leaders since graduating its first class in 2018. From 2011-2019, Will served in numerous leadership positions for the Joseph Campbell Foundation, including Executive Director of the Joseph Campbell Writers’ Room. As a frequent representative of the Hero’s Journey, however, Will became familiar with the backlash around both its true and perceived limitations. As an administrator, he also became familiar with the limitations of our dominant educational models, techniques and technologies. So as founder of and, Will began addressing these limitations with a long-incubating dream about where education, myth and storytelling can really go. The first adoption of these technologies has been by the Harvard Alumni Association and Climate Reality. Next is the course on mythology for which it was originally created.

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