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Meteor Steel Journey


Will Linn, Ph.D.

Image by XPS

Will Linn, PhD, creator and mythologist, is the founder of and Head Mythologist for Fascinated by Everything—a visionary experience company that creates narrative art in next-generation mediums. For three seasons and thirty episodes, he anchored the Sky, ZDF and History Channel TV show, Myths: The Greatest Mysteries of Humanity as one of the two recurring “meta experts.” Will served as a leader for the Joseph Campbell Foundation over an eight-year period and was the founding chair of an innovative film and performing arts college called Relativity School in Los Angeles Center Studios. From 2015-2023, he taught myth, anthropology, writing, story and philosophy at the college while leading high school, graduate and professional coursework in the United States and Europe. His media and conference appearances, publications, Myth Salons and collaborative projects are focused on the poesis of nature and technology, transformational meta-narratives, historical arcs in the mythic imagination and the journey of meteor-steel.

Brace for Impact

This workshop is an initiation into the journey of meteor steel. As Robert Bly and Joseph Campbell described in their workshops around Iron Hans, stories of iron encode patterns of self-development. What they had yet to grasp is that the first iron was made of meteors, that the process for making a steel sword from a meteor stone encoded heroic journeys—from Achilles to the Man of Steel—and that this pattern became pervasive with the rise of iron. This is where our workshop begins — with a re-grounding of self-development and heroic adventure in the journey of meteor steel. This is important, because, without this disruptive adjustment, Individuation and the Hero’s Journey remain modeled after the alchemical quest for gold, which suffers from a desire for purification. This results in a notion of impurity that our mythic imagination has been set up to project on the marginalized, the material and the feminine. Dirt or carbon that gold experiences as an impurity is what steel experiences as a magic ingredient. Shifting from the pursuit of gold to a steel journey is a shift in pursuit from purity to integration. THIS is the heroic act.

Image by Hannah Jacobson


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