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MYTH & PSYCHE: Bollingen & Eranos Foundations


Matt McClain

Image by XPS

Jung, Campbell, Eliade, Oaks, Von Franz, Neumann, Corbin, Zimmer, Henderson

This course delves into the profound world of mythology, psychology, and spirituality. This course explores the pivotal works and concepts from the influential Eranos Conferences and Bollingen Foundation. Through eight units, participants will engage with texts by legendary thinkers like Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Mircea Eliade, and others. They will uncover the interconnectedness of mythic history, psychological archetypes, and cultural narratives, gaining insights that shaped modern understanding of the human psyche and its storytelling traditions. This course is ideal for enthusiasts of mythology, psychology, and spiritual studies, seeking to understand the roots of these disciplines and their impact on contemporary culture and thought.

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